The R&I Area overcomes the evaluation of the first milestones

The R&I Area is currently working in two projects: “Lifi Last Mile” and “ARQUEOPTERIX” financed by the CDTI, and it has recently overcome the review of the first annuity of both of them.

In “Lifi Last Mile” (PID project) until now work packages PT1 and PT2 have been completed, including the next activities:

  • PT1: market and State Of the Art studies, analysis of the applicable standards and standardization forums as well as the study of the functional requirements.
  • PT2: development of the global architecture design, providing a design of the LED systems, design and development of communication codes and hardware design.

It is still left to be completed the milestone 2, that consists of the work packages PT3 and PT4, based on the implementation of the laboratory prototype (first prototype of the electronic board, first integration tests of the communication code, first version of the casing to place the prototype and preliminary design of the LED driver), as well as the integration and evaluation of the results (definition of the communication tests, advanced QA process and field tests) and acquisition of a vehicle for testing (a van currently under selection and acquisition phase).

In the “ARQUEOPTERIX” project the next activities have been carried out:

  • Study of the State Of the Art of each of the three technologies in which the project is based (codification, real time quality measurement and actuation over the network)
  • Characterization of the objective market
  • Analysis of the “base” tools in which to integrate the development of ffmpeg or gaminganywhere, as well as related technologies as CUDA, OpenCL, CDN controllers, etc.
  • Analysis of functional requirements in the different components of the project (coder/decoder, Q4S stack, actuation module, connectors, policy server and its components: enforcement function and admission control, etc.

In addition, Iñaki Martinez, the responsible for the R&I Area has surpassed a post graduate course in “Expert Promotion and Management of International R&I Projects and Actions” with the Universidad Politécnica of Madrid and partially financed by the CDTI. The aim of the course is knowing all the financial possibilities at an European level for R&I projects and knowing the financial aspects that allow an economic justification, as well as doing networking with other managers from different intuitions and countries as well as knowing personalities and positions from the support and help structure for European projects in Spain (experts NCPs). This training will allow the area facing and applying for more opportunities and projects in the future.

For more information of out projects and activities, visit the next pages:

R&I of Optiva Media launches its new image

According to this, from now on the aim of the area is achieving a wider dissemination focusing on three main aspects: make known the developed activities, promote the participation of other partners in the projects and boost the innovation initiatives within the technological comunity in which Optiva Media has a wide expertise.

To achieve these goals several activities will be developed. The main ones will be promoting presentations and communications about the R&I activities, as well as publishing newsletters periodically in order to inform of the activities that the area develops, advancements in the different projects, new proposals, open calls, etc.

Furthermore, with the aim of having a continuous contact channel between the R&I area and the rest of the professional comunity of the sector, a new mail account has been created ( to which you can send any doubt, query or idea you may have, regarding to the R&I Area as well as its activity.

Also new accounts in social networks have been created in order to ease both contact and dissemination. If you want to know more about the activities of the R&I Area, visit our social networks linked in the Contact section.

Financiación a cargo del Programa Operativo de Crecimiento Inteligente - FEDER

Financiación a cargo del Programa Operativo de Crecimiento Inteligente - FEDER