Strengthening technological capabilities for secure and sustainable energy autonomy (GEDERA)

Optiva Media R&I will collaborate in GEDERA research project to develop a multi-agent architecture that allows the development of applications for the smart grid, focusing the project on the flexible management of energy in buildings and empowering the end user.


The vision of the project is to interconnect the various services for data provision such as control, prediction and optimal planning in a way that is transparent to the user. This mechanism will allow a company interested in the electricity market to participate with its customers in flexibility mechanisms such as aggregators, distributors, and marketers.

The objective of this project is the energy transition towards a long-term sustainable model that contributes to greater energy autonomy and a flexible and more decentralized energy system. This fact implies a shift in energy systems, where decentralized or local generation sources will coexist with the traditional centralized model. 

From an implementation perspective, this represents a management challenge that impacts all levels (technical, market and society) and it is essential to develop and test mechanisms that allow information and communications to be managed homogeneously. The recent tensions in terms of supply and the escalation of prices, not only make it necessary for the electricity and energy systems to be resilient to climate change and to progressively reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but also to be able to react with solvency to scenarios of energy shortages and guarantee the necessary supply to all citizens.


  • The consortium leader is CEMOSA: a company dedicated to engineering projects in the transport infrastructure, energy, environment and building sectors.
  • SOFTCRITS is a company specialising in the design, development and maintenance of critical systems for the energy sector. 
  • ATA RENOVABLES provides services for the renewable energy industry, particularly solar and wind.
  • HISPASEC develops cybersecurity systems for information systems through early threat detection, fraud detection and audits. 
  • SFERAONE is a company dedicated to the design, implementation and commissioning of self-consumption projects. 
  • RANK researches and develops equipment that allows the use of a heat source by using a turbine in an organic Rankine cycle to generate electricity and heat. 
  • ORBIS develops smart meters, chronothermostats and electric vehicle chargers with IoT interconnection capabilities, 
  • OPTIVA MEDIA develops information systems in the cloud and advanced end-user applications with easy visualization through gamification features.

The companies are supported by three public research organizations (the University of Malaga, the University of Extremadura and CARTIF Technology Center) that will contribute with their experience and knowledge to achieve the objectives proposed in some of the project activities.

Expected results:

  • Harmonize the information structures for the energy flexibility mechanisms.
  • Implement a Software solution to be integrated in a fast and secure way.
  • A robust energy forecasting system based on AI, digital twins and agent models.
  • Make the solution attractive to the end user, especially the domestic user through visualization and gamification techniques.

Partners and funding instrument:

Subsidized by CDTI, Misiones Ciencia e Innovación 2022 & supported by the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

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