Optiva Media R&I participates in SDGine for Healthy people and Cities action

The Optiva Media team will host one PhD candidate to further our expertise in content recommendation algorithms to create a safe multimedia viewing experience.


The main purpose of this research project is to generate recommendations for end-users in a more personalized way with the objective of improving their wellbeing. It will cover two main topics: 

  • A TV experience that is emotionally safe through AI-based conceptual content modelling and advanced user profiling.
  • Providing intelligent and hyper-personalized content-based recommendations for users’ mental well-being at home.

Driely Celestino da Costa, our PhD candidate

Driely is an Environmental, Health and Safety Engineer, with a Master’s in Research, Modeling, and Environmental Risk Analysis.

“ I want to help people find the right content for them by providing safe TV and streaming content recommendations. It is mainly targeted at people with mental health issues or other conditions, but everyone can benefit as well”

  • What made you choose to do a PhD? 

Since I can remember, I always loved to study. I am the first person in my family to have a Bachelor’s degree. So, I think that always motivated me to become a PhD one day. Moreover, technology is constantly evolving, so to deeply understand and work with specific topics in its entire process and lifetime; time, focus, and a lot of research are needed.

  • How did you hear about SDGine and Marie Curie’s actions and sponsorship? 

I did my master’s degree at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid too, so I got a UPM email about a different topic that made it through the UPM webpage. Once there, I started looking around the webpage and found myself in the SDGine and MSCA PhD call for applications.

  • Why have you chosen this particular field? 

I would say that my career path brought me here. I have always been involved in research related to Data, but after my master’s degree, I started to work in positions more related to Innovation Data & Artificial Intelligence. Working with it made me realise how important it is for our present and future as human beings, and made me passionate about the topic. So, I started to look for Data & AI PhD opportunities and found this project on the UPM webpage, with a topic focused on Artificial Intelligence, and where I could also positively impact people’s life.

  • What difficulties do you expect to encounter during this project?

 There are some difficulties, mainly related to bureaucracy, and communication among all the people involved in the action. From a technical perspective, the improvement of my Artificial Intelligence skills, and the psychology inputs that we need to take into account during this project, for a better and safer content recommendation. For this last one, we are planning to collaborate with specialists in the field during the Doctorate Secondment at institutions with expertise in the field.

  • What do you plan to do after you complete your PhD? 

I want to continue working with Data & Artificial Intelligence projects and companies that positively impact people’s lives.

Iñaki Martinez-Sarriegui, PhD co-supervisor

Head of Research & Innovation at Optiva Media

Optiva Media is a leading company in the audiovisual industry with more than 15 years of experience, validated by key players in the market. To maintain this privileged position in the current paradigm-changing context of the TV market, with increasingly demanding consumers that require total control of what/when/how they consume content, Optiva Media needs to offer differentiating solutions based on data science and machine learning.

Participating in the SDGine project gives us the perfect opportunity to successfully achieve this objective, allowing Optiva Media to work closely with a forefront research group at the university to train a high-skilled researcher that will boost our developments with the application of state-of-the-art solutions endorsed by both scientific and academic criteria.

Making Driely feel part of the team at Optiva Media is my main objective as co-supervisor, as I believe it is key for aligning her research with the company’s interests and, most importantly, supporting and facilitating her daily work with our knowledge and expertise in both the TV domain and the underlying technology. All this along with the establishment of a permanent communication channel with José Manuel, her supervisor at university, to assure a perfect synchronization between academic and industry objectives and correct assistance for Driely during the whole PhD.

José Manuel Menéndez, PhD supervisor

Catedrático / Full Professor at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Telecommunications school

As the supervisor, I hope to be able to help Driely by relying on our knowledge of data analysis and processing, and its application in machine learning solutions. Our long experience in the research of services linked to audiovisual content will surely contribute, as we can combine aspects of audiovisual signal characterization and communications, as well as analysis for applications of recommendation, accessibility and usability. 

I believe that the SDGine programme offers an excellent opportunity to train PhDs who will then project their experience in the company. The fact of having the full involvement of the company forces the thesis topic to be linked to lines of research that are of their interest, and to facilitate the transfer of knowledge from the university to the industry.

About SDGine

Financed jointly by the European Union and Spanish industrial leaders, SDGine is a research and innovation action to develop transformative technologies and innovation for healthy people and cities. The action will run from 1st October 2020 to 31st September 2025.

SDGine gives 12 Early-Stage Researchers the opportunity to complete International Industrial Doctorates at UPM. The researchers will enjoy a 36-month employment contract to complete a PhD degree co-supervised by a UPM professor and an industrial supervisor from one of the companies that are participating in this project.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No. 945139

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