Optiva Media R&I participates in the Kick off Meeting of the European project Third Stage

Experience live theater performances around the world from home.


ThirdStage addresses the digitalisation, distribution and monetisation of digital AV content based on theatre productions. The goal of ThirdStage.eu is to safeguard, develop, and promote the European cultural, social and linguistic heritage. We aim to digitize theatres and bring small producers closer to European audiences, promoting a diverse, independent and pluralistic media environment and literacy.


The Platform encourages innovative approaches to green content creation, access, distribution, and promotion, contributing to the new European Bauhaus. Novel technologies and guidelines, allow the production of “greener” content, e.g. optimized energy used in production, selecting and optimising the IT solutions (compression, AI algorithms, blockchain solution – proof-of-work vs. proof-of-stake), it will only consider the solutions that use less energy. When developing the production guidelines for immersive AV live streaming of performances, we will also consider the impact that the recommended technologies (hardware and software) have on the carbon footprint of the produced AV…

The project will emphasize the mechanisms for a transparent and financially viable business model that covers the entire value chain. ThirdStage has a clear and transparent business model of revenue-sharing between key players in the production process.

Optiva Media R&I will integrate and adapt MediaStream for efficient management of content through its metadata, it will integrate the module to incorporate machine translation of the contents and subtitles in real-time. It will also develop the module based on artificial intelligence to enable the personalisation of the offer through a recommendation engine. It will finally develop the interface to incorporate business tools for transparent revenue sharing, based on blockchain technologies.


Creative Europe Programme (CREA) Innovation Lab (CREA-CROSS-2021-INNOVLAB)

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