The nature of research activities plays a decisive role in Optiva Media’s development, helping to build key digital skills while strengthening its role in the market.

The projects we are involved in are aligned with the Missions defined in our R&I Strategic Agenda and are committed to the application of research outcomes on the commercial activity of the company.





Next step to the LiFi Last Mile project, which demonstrated the viability of LiFi technology for high-quality video streaming in situations of mobility.

Goal: To evolve the existing prototype and demonstrate its commercial viability. To achieve it the project proposes to research around three technological axes:

  • Advanced Modulation/Coding methods.
  • Characterization of the optical elements.
  • Improvement in the efficiency of data flow management.

Other use cases:

  • High-speed access to multimedia content in situations of mobility.
  • LiFi complemented with IoT will boost the Smart Cities.
  • The inability of light to pass through walls provides security.
  • Useful in electromagnetic-waves-free environments such as hospitals.
  • Increase connectivity in areas of poor phone or internet coverage.


Recently finished

LiFi Last Mile


Demonstration of application and viability of LiFi technology as a substitute or complement of WiFi technology. It uses existing LED lamps installed on trains and buses to facilitate reading, as means of transporting data. 

The result is the first working prototype that demonstrated that video streaming over LiFi is viable. We also identified several points of improvement that are going to be addressed in the MediaLiFi project.


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