NEM Virtual Summit 2020

Optiva Media at the NEM virtual summit 2020: Learning from ads: an economic approach to TV content curation


Live lecture by Optiva Media´s Product Director, Joaquín M. López Muñoz with the collaboration of Valia Merino Vallina, Chairman & Managing Director at Optiva Media, and Iñaki Martínez-Sarriegui, Head of Research & Innovation at Optiva Media.

In this lecture we presented ideas on key economic concepts of TV advertising and how they can be translated and adapted to the value chain of TV curation. 

TV content curation has become crucial as Pay TV-aggregated offers grow in terms of size and diversity of sources and modes of watching (linear, catch-up, SVoD). Somewhat surprisingly though, curation is still regarded as mostly an art, dependent on the expertise and intuition of editorial teams.

Joaquin opens the conversation with the Pay TV industry on formalizing and optimizing the unpredictable activity of content curation, providing a formal framework that helps editorial teams guide and assess their activity.

Optiva Media has developed MediaSuite, an ecosystem of interoperable products devoted to helping TV operators manage their content operations both at the metadata and media levels. As part of the evolution of MediaSuite, we are working on a new component called MediaQurator, a set of automated tools that helps editorial teams guide and assess their content curation activity. 

What is NEM?

The NEM Initiative´s (New European Media) main aim is fostering the convergence between consumer electronics and broadcasting and telecoms in order to develop the emerging business sector of networked and electronic media. In particular, the Future Media Internet has been identified by the NEM community as its major innovation area.

NEM focuses on an innovative mix of media and creative content, delivered seamlessly over technologically transparent networks to improve the user’s quality of life. NEM represents the convergence of existing and new technologies across all sectors to create a new and exciting era of advanced, personalised services.

 Optiva Media’s Product Director Joaquín M. López Muñoz taking part at NEM

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