Optiva Media for SecureWorld

Data is the new ‘currency’ of an increasingly digitised economy and society. As a consequence, digital security and privacy protection have become public policy priorities.


The SecureWorld project aims to address the challenges of the so-called Data Economy characterized by an ecosystem where market agents extract value by operating on large amounts of data and metadata generated in digital relationships between different entities. SecureWorld offers an environment in which these relations are carried out securely, creating a healthy economy where the collection, processing, and exploitation of the data are treated under conditions of security, trust, and confidentiality.

In this context the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI), through ‘Proyectos CIEN’ programme, funded five prominent companies in the sector of Information and Communications Technologies (NOKIA, IBERMÁTICA, ITS SECURITY, IZERTIS and OPTIVA MEDIA) for a period of 42 months to generate an ecosystem that facilitates digital relationships in a secure environment.

The SecureWorld project relies on three fundamental pillars: process, technology, and people; these must be considered in this holistic vision of security. With the end-goal of complete data governance, SecureWorld is based in 4 major innovations:

  • Application of Blockchain technology to improve the management of the data sovereignty.
  • Research and use of algorithms and techniques of non-conventional data encryption.
  • Application of AI techniques to complement authentication systems, anomaly detection, attack patterns, and recurring concept changes that can be identified as threats.
  • Development of a Cyber Range platform to provide solutions that aid in the training of staff in defense techniques against attackers. 

Optiva Media’s collaboration in the SecureWorld project presents an exciting opportunity to deliver a new level of service to broadcasters and operators of Digital TV with the potential for massive growth as the shift from cable to digital accelerates. Optiva Media introduces a new model of content consumption of Digital TV based on the concept of Smart Contracts; introducing innovative solutions supported by blockchain and cyber-security techniques in the field of identity management, parental control and access rights to digital content in OTT media services.

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