The importance of content curation in the TV industry

Bring the right audience the right content and they will trust you


We had never seen before such a great number of TV channels and TV content available for distribution. Nowadays, we have at our disposal, a vast amount of entertainment and the opportunity to choose the one that fits us the best.

There is content for every type of interest, so the challenge now, is to sharpen the blow and provide what the user really wants to see. The overwhelming quantity of content, places the responsibility for choosing on the audience.

The affinity the user finds with the pay-tv platform, will be crucial for his customer experience. In order to make this task easier for them, and help our audience chose us, we need to have an exceptional curation of our content.    

What can content curation do for you?

Content curation will boost the quality of your services by choosing the right content for each platform and audience segment and bringing only the content that will satisfy your users and increase your NPS, giving them what they want to watch.

Curation is an essential practice and will be key to add value to any TV distribution platforms’ strategy.  Treating content as the king, will be the most useful resource to reinforce the relations between tv content aggregators and customers. The services that have a good curation, will attract more customers, given that they will focus on the right audience instead of lashing out in the dark.

And most important, curated content will build a strong and long-lasting relationship with them.

What do I need for a good content curation?

There are many topics in the 21st century´s people life to talk about. However, depending on your audience, you can choose to address your content in customized and specific way to them, or to showcase a broad and rich range of topics (better called “collections”) to choose from. You may also decide not to pay much attention to curating your content, but it is not at all desirable, as your NPS will suffer as the time goes by.

Whether to address and customize, or to offer an on demand content, it will be just fine but, it’s important to show the content in a relevant way. But, what´s behind?

You have to count on both technology and a skilled human team with experience and deep knowledge to curate content properly.

Back then, you can choose the way you´re going to drive depending on your needs and strategy regarding content curation:

  • Determine and organize a wide-variety of topics on which to build meaningful collections. It is not possible to cover the infinity, but it is an alternative to offer multiple options that are very suitable for your audience today. For example: real time trending topics, famous characters, microgenres, moods, typical customs, historical conflicts, artists, etc. As we mentioned in the “Main problems of massive content aggregation” post, a good example of a content collections model is FILMIN.
  • Analyse your audience insights and words or tags they use, and success will be granted! There are only a few ways to do so, and the best one is to rely on a content auto-tagging system with the power of AI and, of course, fed with metadata, like MediaTag. Backed by these elements together, you will be able to collect users feedback on how they react to the content that has been already offered or sought, so you can set up a suite of related tags consequently. On a high-level perspective, how does all this come about? Check out these four key pillars of MediaTag that will improve your tv platform content relevance and release your editorial teams from a huge amount of work:
    • Tag-based search: your users will look for a specific title (associated to one or more tags) and they will get not just the desired title, but other related contents from the same category.
    • Improvement of recommendation engine: your platform will be able to recommend your users contents tailored to their tastes, based on a content-to-content matching system fed by auto-tags.
    • Relevant live rails: by selecting relevant content from social networks trending tags, your users will enjoy a perfect selection of content showcased in rails.
    • Tailor-made collections: a large number of tag clouds (most commonly called themes) are key for assisted categorization of content. It will help creating the most customized and user-fit collections.

MediaTag is the auto-tagging system developed by Optiva Media to help content providers, broadcasters and content aggregators to categorize all their content and show it to the end-users in a relevant and engaging way.

MediaTag´s autotagging AI algorithms analyze content textual metadata (synopses, external reviews, subtitles) and extract the most relevant keywords (tags). These auto-tagging algorithms work relentlessly in:

  • Identifying and recognising automatically proper names of places, people, etc.
  • Detecting with TextRank relevant keywords in a given text.
  • Splitting tags derived from one-word tag and turning it into multi word tags.
  • Retrieving text from video files with Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Determining if taxonomy matching checks if a tag is present in the taxonomy.

We have a great human team and automated processes that will make your content stand out and your platform will shine, if you need any further information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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