Optiva Media R&I brings new use cases to leverage the benefits of Vodafone’s AR glasses Nreal


Vodafone has developed, in collaboration with Optiva Media and Virtual Voyagers, the Augmented Reality app Vodafone 5G Reality AR. This app allows its users to extend their reality with a virtual dashboard created by widgets that combines 2D and 3D screens. (Video)

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, whose heritage can be traced back to highly specialized and bespoke systems, continues to find new applications in both the Enterprise and Consumer domains. The last four years have seen considerable advances in both technology innovation and content quality within the virtual reality domain. 

These advances have helped create new solutions bringing additional immersive experiences in the consumer and professional domains.  

Optiva Media R&I seeks new applications for the use of Nreal glasses to increase workplace efficiency and productivity.

Optiva Media R&I, is researching with some of its partners the application of augmented reality technology in the health sector. A solution that allows surgeons to see patients’ internal anatomy displayed right on the body. This solution reduces the number of errors in terms of sequential learning, depth perception, and understanding triplanar anatomy.

The computer-based simulation is displayed over the patient body using the Nreal glasses and it is a valuable tool in a highly technical procedural task such as pedicle screw placement. This technology is found to be time-saving and beneficial at improving accuracy providing the best outcome for the patient.

Augmented Reality technologies have proven themselves to be valuable additions in the health sector, including in teaching, physiotherapy, laparoscopic surgery and even surgical planning.

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