Optiva Media kicks off the Eurostars project in collaboration with South-Korea

Discover a new way to watch TV with your friends.


In April 2021 our Head of Research & Innovation received a call from Eurostars giving us the great news that funding was approved for our Eurostars2 project coordinated by Optiva Media called SocialTV.

SocialTV is an OTT TV system for shared watching experiences enriched with the use of social engagement features.

During COVID-19 pandemic multitudes cannot attend concerts, cinemas and other events. As a consequence, we want to deliver a multimedia experience where viewers can interact with each other from their homes. Social TV is an e2e TV OTT solution supporting a feature called “co-watching” by which different users located remotely from each other can meet virtually and watch the same program simultaneously as if they were together, including the possibility of social interaction (voice/chat, etc.) through their mobile devices.

On Tuesday, June 1st 2021, Optiva Media launched in the virtual kick-off meeting of the “SocialTV project”. Three partners, two from Spain and one from Korea, came along to share the project goals, expectations and results to be achieved during the next 24 months.

TVUP Media from Spain will collaborate with their already existing OTT platform named Tivify. Salin from Korea will improve the product by adding social features such as building friendship among users, virtual group sessions, AR/VR as well as voice/text chat…

Optiva Media will add features for group viewers and metadata-based content management, opening up the implementation of interesting use cases:

  • Editorial categorization and content recommendation from a group perspective.
  • Automatic content discovery by matching social network trending tags with internal content.
  • Tag-based semantic search by end-users from the TV service UX.
  • Personalized recommendation engines through the provision of actionable tags
  • User experience enrichment through content-based gamification

Optiva Media’s role in the SocialTV project presents an exciting opportunity to deliver a new level of service to broadcasters and users of Digital TV with the potential for massive growth as the world digitalization accelerates. We are very excited about this new challenge and will continue working towards shaping the future of TV.

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