Optiva Media R&I participates in the SmarTerp project kick-off

Pushing the frontier for Remote Simultaneous Interpreting


SmarTerp is a project that integrates machine assistance within the human interpreting workflow for multilingual meetings. It uses LaaS (Language-as-a-Service) solution, Deep Learning technology and AI-powered tools in an easy-to-use service.

The goal of SmarTerp is to reduce inefficiencies in interpreting, by automating the task of extracting relevant information in real-time. This solution improves the interpreter working conditions by helping them to cope with the multitasking activity of simultaneous interpretation.

Optiva Media R&I will contribute to the training of AI models and components by providing metadata and datasets from the TV domain such as subtitles and live captions associated with programs and audiovisual content. Optiva Media R&I will also contribute with the experimentation and piloting of the SmarTerp solution for end-users with hearing or cognitive impairment with the aim of inclusion so that these users can enjoy audiovisual content with the same ease and comfort as others. They will have the option to select the original version or the interpreted audio/video feed and even elect to have the later playback on a second screen.



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