Humanities and technology: the future tandem

Technology companies need a multidisciplinary vision


Last week we attended the seminar “Humanities and Technology” organized by FUNDECYT in collaboration with Universidad de Extremadura.

Due to the difficulties in the capacity of assimilation and understanding of the end users, the exponential technological advance is limited. The need to weave new questions to conclude in the outcoming of new solutions bring out the commitment for synergy of such distant disciplines. This is a reality that is already beginning to be demanded in the field of research and development.

During the session, the speakers claimed that the humanities disciplines are no longer alien or expendable for the technological areas, on the contrary. They pointed out that, progressively, the need for humanists to contribute a multidisciplinary vision to the field of action will be generated, as well as in the social framework of any investigation. The need for this transfer of knowledge lies in the contribution of value and in the deepening towards much more accurate solutions, also for digital transformation.

In this panel session, it was also discussed whether companies should attract talent from specialties so different in order to broaden their vision and, at the same time, to provide continuous and specialized training. At this time, it was pointed out that “Artificial Intelligence gives very good answers but it does not raise the best questions at all”.

Our managing partner, Valia Merino, closed his individual statement with the phrase “the contribution of the humanities should not ask for permission”, which, from Optiva Media, we consider a reality today.

In short, the fundamental challenge posed in this seminar is to “hybridize” the Humanities with Technology for a future of deep understanding and accurate solutions within the technology field. 2021 © All rights reserved