A successful kick-off meeting for the CDTI funded SecureWorld CIEN project

The SecureWorld project takes off


On Wednesday 23rd of September, we participated in the virtual kick-off meeting of the “SecureWorld project”. Eight partners from Spain came along to share the project goals, expectations and results to be achieved during the next 42 months: NOKIA, Ibermatica, Its Security, Izertis, UVA, IPLUSF, Tecnalia and OPTIVA MEDIA. The project aims to research technologies of cybersecurity and privacy preservation for safeguarding personal data in a hyperconnected world with special emphasis on the so-called Data economy

During the project, specialists in blockchain, data encryption, DLP, DRM, AI, will work together to address the challenges of an increasingly digitised economy and society. The SecureWorld project offers an environment in which digital relations are carried out securely.

Optiva Media is expected to create a new model of content consumption based on secure access rights and Smart Contracts, introducing high quality protection management; parental control; content access rights; data privacy; and safe data sharing for personalized recommendation services.

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