Metadatol participates in the MediaBrain project kick-off

Metadatol provides MediaSuite with intelligent metadata analysis to automate tasks of a TV operator


On Thursday the 12th of November, Metadatol and the University of Extremadura,  participated in the virtual kick-off meeting of the MediaBrain project with the aim of developing SW tools for intelligent analysis of TV metadata. The project will run for 18 months until 2022.

Metadatol SL, is a provider of intelligent cloud solutions based on AI and big data for the enhancement of smart media and metadata analysis capabilities on the Mediasuite platform. Metadatol puts special emphasis on creating intelligent audiovisual content management tools. 

The MediaBrain project aims to provide MediaSuite platform with intelligent metadata analysis. Our common goal is to automate tasks of a TV operator who has to deal with huge amounts of content coming from multiple sources and formats. 

The MediaBrain project is built on the cloud and supported by AI technologies for the: 

  • Automatic enrichment of base metadata with other external textual sources. 
  • Automatic Extraction of keywords (autotagging) to assist in the discovery and categorization of content. 
  • Meta-tagging or extraction of implicit descriptors, such as thematic categorization tags. 
  • Assistance in the creation of taxonomies to allow content categorization and discovery.

This new role increases the possibilities of service differentiation through the improvement of capabilities such as:

  •  The user experience.
  •  The discovery of content.
  •  The recommendation and promotion (curation) of content.
  •  The meta-generation of information (metadata / content) such as promotional images, trailers, advanced synopses (storytelling), etc.

The project is funded by the Junta de Extremadura joint department of economy and infrastructure. During this project, specialists in AI technologies and natural language processing (in a big data environment) will work to connect the needs of subscribers with the needs of content platforms in terms of programming, exploitation, and intelligent recommendation of audiovisual content.

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