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A technological revolution is sweeping through the TV industry; from the adoption of Big Data and AI for ultra-personalization, to the massive migration to cloud infrastructures and the emergence of new last-mile distribution venues such as 5G and LiFi.

Optiva Media’s Research & Innovation (R&I) Strategic Agenda aims to put these technologies at the service of a transformational program with a threefold mission: Understand TV, Explain TV and Change TV.

Understand TV

Create systems able to automatically analyse TV-related content based on metadata and media information.

Understand TV

Explain TV

Build models to answer human-oriented questions about the content and to assist with its discovery and categorization.

Explain TV

Change TV

Using emerging technologies to create an impact in the future of content consumption services to radically change the market.

Change TV

‎ ‏‏‎Vodafone launched Nreal light glasses AR App in collaboration with Virtual Voyagers and Optiva Media R&I, bringing augmented and mixed reality to their customers with 5G technologies.

Vodafone Nreal. 2021

Optiva Media R&I´s Q4S protocol to maintain and improve the usability and QoS of internet connections becomes an international RFC.

The RFC series. 2020

‎ ‏‏‎Optiva Media renews the ”Innovative SME” stamp, a company’s recognition highlighting its innovative character.

National Ministry of Economy. 2020

The European Commission H2020 program funds the PeroCube project for the research of perovskite-based lighting, wearables, and other devices with LiFi and photovoltaic capability.

The EU H2020 program. 2020

‎ ‏‏‎Optiva Media R&I participates in the SDGine program to develop transformative technologies for healthy people and cities.

UPM & Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement. 2020

Optiva Media is included in the NEOTEC Program as a technology-based enterprise (ETB) As a result of our business strategy based on the development of technology.

CDTI 2004

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Committed with innovation and the application of research results to develop breakthrough solutions in digital and communication technologies.

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