Background Projects


National PROFIT Program

  • INFOSALUD: provide information of Madrid Health System and management of medical appointments through interactive TV application.


National PROFIT Program

  • SIDPIM: Analyse and solve the distribution of interactive ads in DTV. Develop a system to create , manage and emit interactive ads in DTV.
  • SATI-TDT: A hardware and software platform to create and run apps and interactive TV services through MHP with Smart Cards.


National PROFIT Program

  • SIDTI-TDT: Interactive Services system for DTV and cable through Smart Cards.



  • TOPSHOP: develop an interactive holiday packages booking system for interactive DTV and CATV.

National AVANZA Program

  • AD+: An intelligent system to direct advertising content in a segmented way to mobile TV users according to their profile.
  • APG: achieve a full accessibility to DTV possibilities for people with visual functional diversity through the standardisation of future DTV app models.
  • COLOSAT: develop a solution to partially replace broadcast content with local downloaded content in the STB with PVR in order to use it for audience segmented advertising.
  • IITV: create a platform to manage a diffuse multimedia content through internet with the ability to create libraries based on semantic analysis.


International IBEROREKA Program

  • ITVNet (Spain - Colombia): enhance the access and management of educational and formative content with full content indexing.
  • EDUCACCESS (Spain - Colombia): a content platform to enhance the accessibility of education audiovisual contents to promote the social inclusion of functional diversity collectives.
  • LATHYDOS (Spain - Brazil): design, analyze and develop HD services over satellite and satellite/IP envirnonments using decoders with local storage for advertising segmentation and on demand contents.

Nationa PIE Program

  • VODTIMIZER: tool to simplify and automate the programmation of on demand content using intelligent algorithms based in the content contracts, available content and audience behaviour.
  • INPPUT: solution to do an audience segmentation replacing linear programming periods by locally stored content through a Push-VOD service.

National IDI-FEDER Program

  • NEXT2ME: create a platform that provides contextual information based on location for mobile devices oriented to health and tourism sector.

National AVANZA Program

  • ODITOFI: a standard platform of advanced on demand DTV services with wideband internet structure, high definition multimedia contents and integration of advanced internet services.
  • TECAMIS: a new modular achitecture of multi-agent collaborative enfironment to improve the management in crisis situations and other complex scenarios.
  • AQUAWEB: create a formative and promotional web based in sub aquatic fauna to promote the compatibility of the natural resources use and environmentally friendly activities.


National PIE Program

  • INPPUT 2: validate the previous system of HD and MPEG 4 content. Develop a user profile system and a platform to manage advertising and regional content.
  • INCLUSIONA-T: launch a technical feasivility study which allow a full access to internet and technology platforms for any social collective.

National AVANZA Program

  • EVA: launch a technical feasibility study to identify accessibility mechanisms in multidisciplinary environments in order to increase inclusion of any social collective to internet.
  • THATO: develop a TV services portal with accessibility mechanisms over a hybrid TV plaform using HbbTV standard.

National INNPACTO Program

  • DAPIEM: platform and hardware to substitute trademarks, products or messages dynamically of any audiovisual content in function of various paramenters. Also, should allow acces to a e-commerce service through TV.


National AVANZA Program

  • PARENTAL BB: a tool to adapt the users necessities in relation to parental control of audiovisual contents.
  • AQUAWEB2: expand the AQUAWEB project with a territorial extension, inclusion of new samples and the user of augmented reality techniques.


International KSI Program

  • 60WSSA (Spain - Republic of Korea): creation of a new system to transfer large amounts of data (audiovisual content) at high speed and low costs between mobile devices.


National INNPACTO Program

  • BICE: analysis, design and develop of services which combines conventional broadcast emission with the internet interactivity and the access from any device resulting in "augmented broadcast" that improves educational content in all levels.

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