Optiva Media R&I obtains its first European project

Optiva Media R&I moves forward with LiFi technology using perovskites, the silicium of the future.


We live in a fast-moving era where the demand for new technologies focused on improving people’s quality of life, caring for the environment and boosting sustainability in everyday life, has become a constant.

In this sense, Optiva Media has a great commitment to research and the development of innovative solutions that contribute to the promotion of sustainability. As a result of our dedication, we have recently been granted our first European project within the Horizon 2020 programme (H2020). The project is titled: High-Performance Large Area Organic Perovskite devices for lighting, energy and Pervasive Communications or more commonly called PeroCUBE, and will last around 42 months.

The main element of this project is the perovskites, a mineral of the oxide group. The ultimate goal is to manufacture photovoltaic cells and LEDs more efficiently, which will also help reduce costs.

The use of this mineral opens a wide range of possibilities in the fields of innovation around new lighting methods. The areas of study or use cases for perovskites application are as follows:

Wearables – such as wristbands and other smart devices.

LiFi – with the aim of making high-speed video streaming. Optiva Media will focus on this topic.

Lighting applications – in line with the Human Centric Lighting concept.

Energy harvesting application – focused on the collection of ultra-efficient photovoltaic cells for application in wearables.

The project is coordinated by the Swiss Centre for Electronics and Microtechnology and we will work side by side with other organizations or companies also involved in the development of this project. Some of them are the University of Oxford, the National Centre for Scientific Research in France, the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany, the Technical University of Vienna, and Vodafone Innovus, among others.

For this achievement, we would like to congratulate the Optiva Media R&I team, who will put all their knowledge and effort into “shedding light” on this great project.

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