Congratulations to OptivaCrea’s winners!


Optiva Media closed its first edition of the initiative, OptivaCrea, with a winner project lead by a team from the Media Management Department.

Congratulations to Aser Fonseca and Irene Barrilero on their outstanding achievement. Enjoy your prize of a 3-day holiday package in Europe!

The jury, composed of Optiva media´s experts, selected Aser and Irene’s idea from among 3 finalists: A tool to dynamize catalogues named ”Additional dashboards for MediaTag: MediaSchedule and MediaTrends”. 

Aser and Irene work for the two main Optiva Media clients: Vodafone and Orange. Because they specialize in end-to-end content management, they know first-hand what their client needs are. They are currently conducting market research on Digital TV in Spain. While analysing more than 40 streaming platforms’ functionalities and UX/UI, they came up with the idea of creating these new features: MediaTrends and MediaSchedule.

MediaTag currently has an editorial assistant to generate content playlists by topics. However, with MediaTrends and MediaSchedule there exists the potential to automatically generate proposals to organize, categorize and create relations across the content so that it is relevant to the current context (events, social and cultural trends, news, and content premieres) MediaTrends dashboard could be enriched with other databases and sources such as Social Media trending topics, theatrical new releases, popular searches on google,  news, etc. MediaSchedule will show dates that are important to note.  This calendar can be adapted to the operator’s needs with customizable alarms: “set an alarm 2 weeks before FOX content provider will be no longer available”.

Nowadays these functionalities are done manually and the proposed new dashboards would revolutionize the editorial process as we know it.

The R&I team, together with Aser and Irene, aims to develop their tool as an R&I project while looking for synergies with existing initiatives.

OptivaCrea organisers are very proud of the results of this competition as it has shown us the importance of collaboration between areas. It celebrates the discovery of new talents whose innovations will be essential to shape the future of Optiva Media products and strengthen the innovative capacity of the company. 

If you missed the opportunity to participate, fear not. You will get another chance as we will make this challenge a yearly bespoke competition of Optiva Media. 

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